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Mantiq in action: Perfect Past and Imperfect present

A workshop to be held on 11, 12, April, 2019
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From the late antiquity logic has played an inevitable role in the process of framing, forming and reforming the epistemological enterprise and knowledge certitude of human race. In all parts of the world where culture and civilizations flourished the tradition of logic can be seen prospered along with. The imprint of Aristotelian organon is evident in the henceforth Hellenistic tradition and also in its transformation by different cultures through successive centuries of diverse intellectual alignments.

Aristotelian logic inherited by Neo-Platonists to the Islamic world went through robust renovations and modifications under the Arabic name mantiq. An array of Muslim philosophers dedicated to this discipline which gradually made its way to Jurisprudence and Theology. In the process both Islamic sciences and logic drew mutual benefits. Exposition of sampling methods and types and the espousing of peer review into the scientific procedure paved the way for realising presently prevailing scientific method. Muslim logicians and philosophers elucidated different modalities of propositions which are now familiar as modal logic.

As in mathematics, the symbolizations of the logical rules and formulas will ease dealing with complex problems. Though mantiqi protagonists preferred the linguistic symbolisation it was not more comfortable. Consequently alternative symbolizations such as propositional and predicate logic also emerged in the meantime using the mathematical symbols. Classical logic was thus restructured to accommodate the mathematical matrix. Thus mantiq can be seen functional under cover in the currently dominant empirical domain.

Role of logic in contemporary philosophy is too perceptible to mention. The entire edifice of analytic philosophy has been rooted on the logical underpinnings and linguistic analysis. As the logic, some intuitive a priori rules, emerges from the existential arena of lived world and is also one of human peculiarities it can appeal the continental philosophers too. The role of logic is now extended to the technological field as it is used in the development of Artificial Intelligence. Thus evolves digital logic.

Our specialized conference aims to shed the light to various aspects of mantiqvis-a-vis the application of the same by participating specialists, scholars and early researchers. We invite papers and panel proposals coming under the wide range of the theme 'Mantiq in action: Perfect Past and Imperfect Present'.

Potential Subthemes

  • Mantiq and Theology (Kalam)
  • Mantiq and Jurisprudence
  • Mantiq and usul al fiqh (legal theory)
  • Mantiq and usul al hades
  • Mantiq and semantics
  • Logic in Philosophy
  • Logic, scientific method and methodological naturalism.
  • Ontology of Logic.
  • Syllogism
  • Square of opposition
  • Phenomenology and logic.
  • Logic in digital domain
  • AlQadaya al muwajjaha or modal logic.
  • Parts of disciplines
  • History of Mantiq
  • Mathematics, Geometry and Logic
  • Ḍābiṭa the rules of inference
  • Nyayaor Indian Logic
  • Hethvabhasas or Logical Fallacies
  • Istiqraor Induction
  • Ad Infinitum (tasalsul), Circular Argument (Dawr)

Important Dates

22 Feb 2019 Abstract and panel proposal submission deadline
22 Mar 2019 Full paper submission deadline
11, 12 Apr 2019 Conference dates

Submission Guidelines

Paper submissions must comply with the following guidelines:

  • Paper can be written and presented in English/Arabic/Malayalam Languages and submitted through
  • Paper must be in Microsoft Word format, double spaced, “12” font size with Times New Roman. The Arabic and Malayalam fonts and styles can be arranged accordingly.
  • Full tentative title of the manuscript must be included in the paper.
  • The abstract should be not more than 300 words. Please limit the use of acronyms, abbreviations and references in the abstract.
  • Keywords for the article: 3-5 keywords are sufficient.
  • Referencing should be in standard format. We recommend Harvard referencing system.
  • Please submit a copy of the paper and abstract along with the bio data into
  • Along with the submission of full papers, the authors are requested to send their willingness to publish their papers in conference proceedings/ books/ journals (as the organizing committee may decide).
  • Panel Proposals should include
    • Title of panel:
    • Short abstract: Approximately 500 words
    • Organizer(s): Names and affiliations of the moderator and other organizers or participants
    • Length: Panels will be 90 minutes in length
    • Participants: Number of participants.
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